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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One thing I was looking forward too this summer was a camping trip a group of friends. Unfortunately, the weather wanted us too do something else. Stupid weather. We want too go camping! But someday, we will! We bought a tent, seriously, we HAVE to go camping...

Maybe we should be camping inside? That sounds like a good idea, a bit fun too I guess! I think we should try it out someday. Something like this:

Hmm, it looks nice. Please, can we try it someday, Marte and Alexander?! I want too, I want too, I want too! Let's do it! Seriously, I think it would be fun... Or maybe, camping in someones garden. Then we can use the bathroom, that's a nice thing too do.

When I think of camping, I think of a group of friends around the fire, a acoustic guitar, singing and starry sky. I seriously don't think alcohol is needed if you are a group of really good friends! But of course, for the people who drink alcohol, you're welcome. I can't describe it, but a camping trip is a really funny thing to do. So I'll just post some pictures I found on weheartit, where all the pictures on this blog is from.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The last words.

He's words. One of the last thing he ever said to me. It's like he burned it in my memory... I always have too think about it, even though I don't want too. I really don't want too. It was all going so well... How could those small word mess everything up again? I know I wanted know it, but I knew she shouldn't have said it. She knows it too. I just had to know it, didn't I?

The things he said, it's going on and on in my head, like a song... A bad song, stuck on replay...
My problem is, that I fell in love with people too fast. There are three choices, I like them, I hate them, or are just neutral.

I have a problem with trust. I never know if I can trust a person, but still I trust people I shouldn't trust. I never learn. Some people take advantage of me. It's not a good thing. I hate it, and I'm get really mad about it. I don't know what too do. But I think, the most of all, I'm disappointed over the person, how can they do such things and not regret...? Maybe think about that the other persons also have feelings, or too start with, think about that other person also have feelings, just like yourself. I know I can be a really mean person, I don't mean too. But still I am. And I'm sorry for it, it's just how I am. Haha, it looks like I'm a big crybaby, but I aren't one.
Just because of this depressing text I'm going to write about something nice/funny a bit later today.

~ Benedikte

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friends will be friends.

Friends will be friends - Queen.

I really have to write something. I want to write something really poetic and all that stuff. But what the fuck? I don't do that kind of shit. Yesterday, as Marte already have blogged about, one of our best friends moved to Houston, Texas for two years. Dude, what the fuck are going to do there in TWO years? I mean, come on!

Yesterday we didn't sleep at all. No, we made a scrapbook to our buddy, with some of the stuff we did together as a group of friends. Our group of friends are really a weird gang, but yeah.
Anyway, we made him a scrapbook, meet him on Flesland, the airport in Bergen, 5 am. Yes, so we made a scrapbook to him in one night. In seven hours and fifteen minutes! I'm proud of us. 4 girls making one scrapbook.
04.30 am a cab come and got us to Flesland, we actually was there before Alexander... The reaction when he got the book. Oh mother nature, I hope I never forget his face when he saw it...

The text on the picture is Norwegian and mens: Best buddy. I miss you

When I hugged him for the last time in a half year I said something like: Have fun in USA.
And turned around and started crying. I usually don't cry in public or in front of people. When I started crying I also started laughing, and I some really strange noises came out of me. But whatever, all five of us was standing there and crying when he was leaving. I cried several times that day. When I was standing on the balcony to the twins and the three others was inside, when everyone was asleep and when I was home.
I actually started crying when I was down in the living room with my mom, sister and a neighbor, because my mom said we weren't home in christmas. But she said we are going home at least two days before New Years Eve, then I'm safe. And she said something that made me really happy, but I won't write about i until I tell Alexander.

Marte and Alexander.

Alex, Therese, Marte, Tonje and me.

So all in all, I'm really sad and a bit depressed because Alex has moved to Houston, but think about him, he has left all of his friends here in Norway. And he will come back to Norway, he just have to, or else I'm going to Houston to slap him in the face! Alexander, I love you, you're my best guy friend.

~ Benedikte

Blurry Existence

Yesterday was probably the worst day in the history of worst days. Went to Flesland, the only airport in Bergen, to wave goodbye to the closest friend I have. Why he wanted to move to Huston, Texas for two years is still an unsolved mystery. Everything was horrible and painful.

Focus is overrated, our whole existence is blurry.
I don't like very much in this world. Friends would say that I'm extremly pessimistic, and I'm fine with that. But I think, that when I actually find a person that I can hang out with without trying to kill him, Then I should get to keep him...

So this is me trying to be optimistic. He will be back in two years. And when he comes back, I'll be right here. But untill then, I think I have earned the right to be sad from time to time. Since I never used to cry before. I think, given the situation, that I have the right to be kind of a crybaby, just this once. I'm really looking forward to Christmas right now, even though I hate snow. I know, "Hate is a big word" another good buddy of mine tells me that all.the.time. Anyway, he'll be back for a Norwegian Christmas and New Year, and that will be freakin epic.

It kinda hurts that he wont be able to attend my birthday this year, more than it should actually. Why? I don't really know. It has nothing to do with the fact that my birthday is a big day. Cause I don't really care that much about the day itself. All we ever do at these occations is drink and party anyway. Maybe it's just because he is gone in general. I want him to be here. So that we can have those completely random conversations, and laugh at our retarded friends. What we do.

The plan however, when he comes back for good, is to move in together. Me and my gay best friend. He is actually the only friend that I could live with over time. Not because I get sick of my friends, but they might get sick of me. You should be a bit tolerant to live with me over a long periode of time. We also have the same habits, so that wouldnt be a problem. Even if we had the different habits or different opinions, we would go along. You kinda adjust to what your friends say anyway. This got a bit longer than I expected. But I am really bored and I miss talking to him, even though he just moved like one day ago. I seem so obsessed that it's scary.

I want to go back to Bergen. Love that city man!

~ Marte