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Thursday, August 5, 2010


" Another summer day has come and gone away in Paris and Rome, but i wanna go home. May be surrounded by a million people i still feel all alone, just wanna go home. Oh i miss you, you know." - Michael buble

He's one of my favorites. He's got a song for every occasion. Hi, my name is Alex and i'm the guest blogger in this psychedelic little blogg. One of my greatest worries is that when i come home, every thing will be changed. The people, the city and my friends. My bestfriends birthday is comming up, and i'm not going to be able to be there. I'm afraid we're gonna grow apart

I hate people. I get sick of people's faces way too fast, but when i acually find someone i care about and dont wanna throw battery acid on, isn't it only fair i should be able too atend her birthday? I'd like too think so. I just wanna say you're special, one of a kind, and if u ever change i'm gonna be pissed! I love u and i hope you have an epic birthday, even though i'm not there.

A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.

Photographs and memories - Jason Reeves

Memories can be so much. Memories can be bad, and they can be good. I think the quote from Oscar Wild is very good. Oscar Wild said: "Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us."
Of course, I googled quotes that had something to do about memories, because this is what this text will be about... "Every man's memory is his private literature." ~Aldous Huxley

I remember so much, good and bad things. But I will focus on the good things.
My childhood wasn't all just a dance on roses. But I'm so glad I'm focusing on all the good things that happened. I remember most of the friends I had trough the years, of course not all because I remember we did all the stuff, but because of all the pictures, hehe. Honestly, I remember a lot of things I did with some of my friends. Some of the toys and the stuff we used to do. Oh my, what a fantasy we used to have! A child's fantasy is something great, if a child isn't allowed to use his or hers imagine, then what would the childhood be?

But the last two years has been a lot of fun, it's been like a roller-coaster ride, a lot of fun.
I really love my friends, they are always there. Even if I'm not such a good friend with all the people I used to hang out with, I still have the memories.
Like everyone says: Time is passing by, people changes. And all that stuff. That if a person isn't like "on your train when it leaves the station" it's all their fault. I don't always think so, okay, I may have said some of that stuff myself. But what the hell, what I want to say is that is not always the other person's fault, have you ever thought that you may have changed too? It's also a opinion that the person has a lot of stuff going on and things to think about. So it can be a bit selfish to say that it is the other person's fault that you are not as good friends that you used to be.

Anyways, back to the memories. Think about it? Do you have a lot of good, bad or a bit of both in your memory? I have a bit of both, but most of the good ones. All the crazy things we have done, all that we have said to each other. It's so funny to think about, but I kinda love thinking about it. So when you're sad and feeling down, think about all the good memories you have and don't think to much about the thing that made you feel sad. It's never to late to make new memories, you keep making memories until you die. It can be so much, and it could mean so little to others, but so much for you!

I think you never can truly forget a person, because if you have good memories with a person, why forget them? You can stop talking to the person, but if you one day are feeling down, why not think about the good memory you two had together? Because, all in all, you had to be there to understand it, right?

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose." ~From the television show The Wonder Years


Just another person in this boat

Hi guys! It's been a while since some of us blogged. But, yeah. Benedikte is back!
We also have a new person with us. Alex! He will be our new blogger, or for now, guest blogger.
So that was the new information we had.