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Monday, May 24, 2010

I love the rain

Kid made of stardust? What am I doin here? Im not made out of stardust- atleast I Think so- I'm guestblogging, and it's awesome. I like stars, and i like the moon. It's so bright and shiny.

This is just because I'm bored, and I havent really got anything better to do. I love this blog. I love my friend for making it. My friend is brilliant. God, you just gotta love her creativity. Today I had to walk today. For like an hour. No, I am joking. It was more like 10 minutes. Just so I could hang out with my friend. I'm such a good friend, atleast, thats what i want to think. I had to walk in the rain, I love the rain!

I love the way the rain hits the ground, and the tiny rings it makes in the tiny ponds. I am easily facinated, and rain facinates me. And I love the way the cool rain hits my warm face. It's magical.

Rain is great. It washes every little fiber of our planet. It's way better than snow- snow just hides everything, and when it melts, you can see everything you thought was gone. I LOVE RAIN.

A new blogger

There is a new blogger on this blog. Let's welcome her.
We are now to girls on this blog, both of us are from Norway, but from two different islands. But that's okey, we are bestfriends.

She is 16, soon 17, as I have said I'm 15, turning 16 in october. Just wanted to let you guys know.