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Monday, May 24, 2010

I love the rain

Kid made of stardust? What am I doin here? Im not made out of stardust- atleast I Think so- I'm guestblogging, and it's awesome. I like stars, and i like the moon. It's so bright and shiny.

This is just because I'm bored, and I havent really got anything better to do. I love this blog. I love my friend for making it. My friend is brilliant. God, you just gotta love her creativity. Today I had to walk today. For like an hour. No, I am joking. It was more like 10 minutes. Just so I could hang out with my friend. I'm such a good friend, atleast, thats what i want to think. I had to walk in the rain, I love the rain!

I love the way the rain hits the ground, and the tiny rings it makes in the tiny ponds. I am easily facinated, and rain facinates me. And I love the way the cool rain hits my warm face. It's magical.

Rain is great. It washes every little fiber of our planet. It's way better than snow- snow just hides everything, and when it melts, you can see everything you thought was gone. I LOVE RAIN.

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  1. IIIIH! I love rain. I love you for being my friend! :'D


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