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Monday, June 7, 2010

Trouble in Paradise.

Sometimes life isn't easy - Mew

I'm serious. It's trouble in paradise. And I mean like the paradise you have when you talk about friendship. We have a little gang... It's me, the other blogger here and our friend, let's call him Andreas.
It all started with me and Andreas. I sent a letter to a friend of him, I knew he would get a little angry, but not so angry that he became. But yesterday he thanked me because of it. So it's win to me. Anyway, the other blogger on this blog. let's call her Linnea, she was really angry on me and Andreas, so she just started to yell at us yesterday, so we had to fix it.
Today it all just went on. Now it's all just a big mess. I don't know what to do if our group will be split! I know he will move to US this summer. But, seriously. I love those kids!

I really enjoy all the shit we do together. This evening has been a crappy evening. Don't do it worse. If we don't figure this out tomorrow I will be truly sad. Please, I'm begging. We have to fix this.

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