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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One thing I was looking forward too this summer was a camping trip a group of friends. Unfortunately, the weather wanted us too do something else. Stupid weather. We want too go camping! But someday, we will! We bought a tent, seriously, we HAVE to go camping...

Maybe we should be camping inside? That sounds like a good idea, a bit fun too I guess! I think we should try it out someday. Something like this:

Hmm, it looks nice. Please, can we try it someday, Marte and Alexander?! I want too, I want too, I want too! Let's do it! Seriously, I think it would be fun... Or maybe, camping in someones garden. Then we can use the bathroom, that's a nice thing too do.

When I think of camping, I think of a group of friends around the fire, a acoustic guitar, singing and starry sky. I seriously don't think alcohol is needed if you are a group of really good friends! But of course, for the people who drink alcohol, you're welcome. I can't describe it, but a camping trip is a really funny thing to do. So I'll just post some pictures I found on weheartit, where all the pictures on this blog is from.



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