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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The last words.

He's words. One of the last thing he ever said to me. It's like he burned it in my memory... I always have too think about it, even though I don't want too. I really don't want too. It was all going so well... How could those small word mess everything up again? I know I wanted know it, but I knew she shouldn't have said it. She knows it too. I just had to know it, didn't I?

The things he said, it's going on and on in my head, like a song... A bad song, stuck on replay...
My problem is, that I fell in love with people too fast. There are three choices, I like them, I hate them, or are just neutral.

I have a problem with trust. I never know if I can trust a person, but still I trust people I shouldn't trust. I never learn. Some people take advantage of me. It's not a good thing. I hate it, and I'm get really mad about it. I don't know what too do. But I think, the most of all, I'm disappointed over the person, how can they do such things and not regret...? Maybe think about that the other persons also have feelings, or too start with, think about that other person also have feelings, just like yourself. I know I can be a really mean person, I don't mean too. But still I am. And I'm sorry for it, it's just how I am. Haha, it looks like I'm a big crybaby, but I aren't one.
Just because of this depressing text I'm going to write about something nice/funny a bit later today.

~ Benedikte

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